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Article: Taste our new Bolivian filter: Kusillo

Dégustez notre nouveau filtre bolivien : Kusillo

Taste our new Bolivian filter: Kusillo

Originally from Bolivia, a country where majestic mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, where nature unfolds in all its splendor, and where the best-kept coffee secrets await you. Welcome to the fascinating world of our Kusillo Bolivian filter coffee.

The Kusillo Experience

Our new Intense and Jammy filter could easily be described as an exceptional batch. And coffee lovers will be seduced by its intense notes of Rooibos, green plum and its unique touch of lemon tart. A silky body and generous notes offer a perfect cup to enjoy on long fall afternoons.

Agricafe: The Heritage of Bolivian Coffee

Behind this café is Agricafe , a Bolivian family business. She operates her own coffee farms and selects high-quality micro-lots from small producers in the Los Yungas and Santa Cruz regions. A pioneer of specialty coffee in South America, Agricafe began its journey in the world of coffee in 1986, when Pedro Rodriguez decided to pursue his passion for agriculture. More than 34 years later, he has experienced the ups and downs of Bolivian coffee and today works with his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo to promote and improve Bolivian coffee. Together they run the company with the mission of restoring and enriching the Bolivian coffee tradition through training programs for producers and developing their own farms.

The secret of altitude

The altitude is what sets Kusillo apart. Located approximately 1,468 meters above sea level, this farm offers a unique climate. The stable nighttime temperatures and mild days at this altitude allow the coffee cherries to ripen slowly. This promotes optimal concentration of sugars in the cherry and bean, giving the coffee exceptional sweetness and purity.

The natural process

Our Kusillo Bolivian Filter Coffee is a natural coffee, meaning it is dried with the fruit still intact around the bean before being hulled. This drying process creates fermentation, giving the coffee an intense fruit profile and velvety body. Unlike traditional natural coffees that dry in the sun, this batch is meticulously dried in mechanical dryers for 55 hours, allowing for slow and controlled fermentation. This unique method preserves the complexity of the coffee while releasing an explosion of flavors with every sip.

Prepare for an unprecedented taste journey with Kusillo. Bolivia opens its doors to you and Café Saint Henri invites you to discover unique flavors.

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