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About Us

Our mission

We are the first micro-roaster to be established in Quebec and to have introduced specialty coffee to Quebecers. For more than 12 years now, we have been purchasing microlots of superior quality coffee directly from our producer partners which are then roasted by our master craftsmen in Montreal.

Since our beginnings, our mission has been to share our passion and expertise in specialty coffee to introduce this world to as many people as possible, one cup at a time.

How do we buy our coffees?


Where science meets craft

The key to a successful roast is the elimination of chance and the control of as many parameters as possible, in addition to a precise anticipation of the character of each coffee, based on an in-depth knowledge of the terroir.

Here are some steps we are taking to
this effect:

+ “Grain Pro” or vacuum-packing of our coffees at origin, before import and transport;

+ Bagged in airtight packaging fitted with a one-way valve


Control of intrinsic or environmental parameters, including:

✔ humidity of unroasted grain

✔ environmental temperature and pressure

✔ real-time monitoring of roasting curves

✔ measurements and ratio of post-roasting weight losses

✔ weekly tasting control supervised by an experienced taster


Education and formation

All our efforts to source the best beans and roasting techniques would be in vain.
without expert representation by baristas in our cafes, among our commercial customers as well as among consumers at home.

This is why we have equipped ourselves with a competent team specialized in training to ensure that the quality of the extraction of our coffees.

Our Montreal roasting center includes a mini-laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to training.

Because the quality of coffee service will undoubtedly affect the taste of the coffees tasted, we attack our educational mission from all fronts of the service chain; from home to our business partners.