The Return of the Silverio Niña

Le Retour du Silverio Niña

At Café Saint Henri, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our producers, which is why we are very happy to announce the return of Silverio NiÑa to our menu this year. An exceptional coffee grown in Bolivia, which embodies the story of a true passion for coffee.

Coffee Education and Perfection

Behind every cup of coffee there is a fascinating story, and today we share with you that of “Silverio Niña”.

Silverio is part of Agricafé's Sol de la Mañana program in Bolivia. This program's mission is to educate and train local producers, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow coffee beans and manage their operation.

Within this coffee school, producers spend 7 years perfecting their art. They are trained in all aspects of coffee production, from planting seeds to harvesting, to pesticide prevention, to financial management of the farm. It is thanks to programs like this that Agricafé is recognized as a global leader in specialty coffee.

“Silverio Niña” Coffee: An Incomparable Flavor
The Silverio Niña batch is a blend of Catuaí and Caturra, two traditional varieties. During the harvest, the pickers go to the farm early in the morning to carefully select the ripe cherries. These cherries are then delivered to the Beneficio de Caranavi, where they undergo anaerobic washing. This specific washing process contributes to the unique flavor of this coffee.

Once washed, the cherries are transported to the highest dry mill in the world, La Luna, located at 3,600 meters above sea level. There, the beans undergo a controlled anaerobic fermentation process, which removes oxygen and enriches the aromas. After 48 hours of fermentation, the grains are washed, then dried in mechanical dryers until they reach a humidity of 11%.

A sensory experience with every sip

Tasting “Silverio Niña” is a unique sensory experience. Notes of lychee, Earl Gray and apricot jam combine to offer a cup rich in flavors and aromas. This pearl of Bolivia is equally delicious with or without milk, but it is particularly exquisite in cortado. Each sip is a journey to the distant lands of Bolivia…

Order Your “Silverio Niña” Coffee Now
The Silverio Niña is back. Don't miss the opportunity to taste this exceptional coffee, the fruit of the dedication of Silverio Niña and the know-how of Agricafé. Order your bag now and let yourself be carried away by a coffee adventure that takes root in the Bolivian mountains.