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Article: New café in Square Victoria metro

Nouveau café dans le métro Square Victoria

New café in Square Victoria metro

C afé Saint-Henri micro-roaster will soon open a “micro-café” in downtown Montreal.

The microcafé, measuring 125 square feet, will be located right in the Square Victoria - OACI metro station, in Old Montreal. This station, very well located, offers numerous underground connections to popular addresses. This is an area that is slightly larger than a kiosk, but smaller than the average areas usually occupied by our cafes.

The objective was to build a real small living environment that would stand out for its colors and vibrancy while becoming a new meeting point for station users and local workers.

The new café will offer a concentrate of the best of our usual offering: all specialty coffees will be served there, as well as the full offer of bulk coffee and a limited ready-to-eat menu focused on freshness, without forgetting the artisan pastries from MÆSMi.

More good news: a mobile app for Saint-Henri

Mobile app

In preparation for this opening, we have been busy developing a mobile application that will allow metro users and workers to pre-order and pre-pay for their coffees while they are in transit.

Once they arrive at Square Victoria - OACI metro station, their favorite coffee will be waiting for them, ready to go and without any additional delays or queues.

The new mobile app is available now, both on the App Store and Google Play.

It will also be available in our 7 other branches, which will increase service efficiency across the chain.

One last surprise for our loyal customers: the application is free and the first coffee order placed on the Café Saint-Henri mobile application will be offered free of charge (after creating an account) .

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