Saint-Henri Micro-torréfacteur is building its new roasting factory as well as its head office. | Saint-Henri Micro-Torrefacteur discloses the location of it's new headquarters, which will host a new roasting facility and a state of the art cafe.

Saint-Henri Micro-torréfacteur construit sa nouvelle usine de torréfaction ainsi que son siège social. |  Saint-Henri Micro-Torrefacteur discloses the location of it's new headquarters, which will host a new roasting facility and a state of the art cafe.

S aint-Henri micro-torréfacteur takes possession of an 8,000 square foot space in the heart of Montreal in order to install a new roasting plant, a laboratory, a classroom, offices, a warehouse as well as a large cafe open to the public.

Saint-Henri micro-roaster takes possession of a large commercial space in 7335 Rue du Mile-End . The single-story “Daylight Factory” style building comprises more than 8,000 square feet. Strategically located at the crossroads of the Mile-End, Mile-Ex, Rosemont and Villeray districts, Cafés Saint-Henri has signed a long-term lease to secure the location.

These new facilities will serve as headquarters and provide the space and infrastructure needed to support the company's growth.

In addition to the large café open to the public where light meals will be served, the laboratory and classrooms will allow the company to consolidate its pioneering role while remaining a forerunner in Canada among roasters focusing on the purchase of coffee specialty.

About Us

Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur is a specialty coffee roasting company founded in 2011. Recognized for its purchases of coffee directly from the source, for its cooperative coffees using organic practices or for its batches of private imports, the company owns today 6 cafes as well as spaces dedicated to roasting and production in the cities of Montreal and Quebec.

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S aint-Henri micro-torrefacteur / Cafes Saint-Henri has secured 8000 square feet in the heart of Montreal. The space will host a new roasting facility, a coffee laboratory, a room dedicated to coffee classes, office spaces as well as a large, cutting edge cafe.

Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur will start construction at 7335 Rue du Mile-End this month. The stand-alone building has a "Daylight Factory" architectural signature and is comprised of 8000 square feet on a single floor. 

Situated strategically at the crossing of four upcoming neighborhoods (Mile-End, Mile-Ex, Villeray and Rosemont), the company secured a long-term lease.

The new installations will serve as the company's new headquarters and will offer the necessary space and infrastructure to sustain Cafes Saint-Henri's growth and focus on quality.

In addition to a large cafe equipped with the latest coffee technology, the coffee laboratory and a room dedicated to coffee classes will consolidate Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur's role as both a pioneer and a leader among the North American coffee roasters which are focusing on specialty coffee.

The new roasting facility will help increase quality control and production, which will lead the company to open new commercial accounts across Canada and the US North-East coast, as well as sustaining the expansion of the Cafes.

About Us

Cafes Saint-Henri micro-torrefacteur is a wholesale roasting business as well as a network of specialty coffee shops. Since its opening in 2011, the company has been recognized for exceptional coffees that are selected directly at origin, for coffees that are produced from Cooperatives with organic practices, and for exclusive private batches of coffees sourced through selected importers.

As of today, the Company operates 6 Cafes as well as 2 roasting facilities: in Montreal and Quebec City.


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