With its timeless design invented in 1941, the Chemex is simple and looks very elegant on a kitchen counter. Its thicker filter produces a clear and complex cup where it is possible to distinguish the most delicate flavours of a coffee.

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Before you start



Fill the kettle with fresh filtered water and bring to a boil. Unfold the filter and place it in the brewer so that the side with three layers rests on the spout without obstructing it.


Thoroughly wet the filter and warm the container with hot water. Discard this water through the spout. Return the water to a boil.


Grind 40g of coffee, place it in the filter, and give it a shake to level the coffee bed. Tare the scale to zero.


Once the water reaches the boiling point, wait 30 seconds and start the timer. Starting from the centre of the coffee bed, pour 80g of water in a circular motion, making sure to submerge all the coffee grounds. This step, called the “bloom,” allows the gasses created during roasting to escape, encouraging a more even extraction.


At 30 seconds, add 220g of water (for a total of 300g), pouring the water in a circular motion so that all the coffee is saturated. Wait 20 seconds to allow some of the water to pass through the coffee.

Still in a circular motion, pour 150g of additional water to reach a total of 450g. Wait 20 seconds.

Pour the last 190g of water to reach the total amount of 640g. It should drip until the total brewing time of 4 min., 15 sec. to 4 min., 45 sec. is achieved. Stir, serve, and enjoy!

Now all you need is coffee!

Patricia Perez, Filter

Patricia Perez, Filter

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Patricia Perez, Filter
Patricia Perez, Filter

Notes: Milk chocolate + Cashew butter + Apricot

$24.00 CAD

Colosseo Espresso

Colosseo Espresso

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Colosseo Espresso
Colosseo Espresso

Notes: Maple syrup + Cocoa + Pecan nuts

$19.00 CAD