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Your morning (or evening, don't judge!) cup of coffee should bring you a feeling of happiness and comfort with every sip. You'll be amazed at the aromatic profiles a specialty coffee from Saint-Henri can bring you. Round and comforting, fruity and lively, floral and delicate, explore a thousand and one intoxicating flavors that our coffee beans will help you discover, depending on their region of origin or brewing method.


Remarkable coffee, whatever type you prefer

Is your mouth watering just hearing about our tasty coffees? Excellent espresso beans are waiting to tantalize your taste buds in no time! You'll be happy to know that our collection of filter coffee beans containsexcellent filter crops with a rich, sought-after taste. And if you only drink decaf, we've got a selection of decaffeinated coffees that offer tastes just as sought-after as their caffeinated counterparts, even changing your perception of decaf.

Lovers of the finest soluble coffees are also well catered for, with instant coffee in sachets available from the online boutique; a coffee that will accompany you wherever the day takes you. For those who prefer coffee in pods, you'll find the best coffee in Nespresso-compatible capsules here! The capsules are compostable and always offer the perfect coffee in every cup.

Fresh coffee

Café Saint-Henri is first and foremost a Montreal-based micro-torrefactor. But what does micro roaster mean? Roasting is the action of slowly roasting coffee beans according to a precise recipe developed by our team to bring out the terroir and flavours of our different coffees.

At Café Saint-Henri, we work with a number of small to medium-sized producers who only have one crop a year, so once the crop has been roasted, we have to wait for the next one, which will be the following year. As these growers' farms are smaller, we use micro-lots, hence the term micro-torrefaction. This practice ensures optimal freshness for our bagged coffees and your in-store beverage. So enjoy the seasonal aromas of our partner producers before they're gone!

Unique, traceable origins

Our coffee experts scour the world to find the beans that will produce an exceptional taste and bring out the best aromas from each harvest. Our remarkable coffees are hand-picked for their impeccable quality and unique character. In addition, all our coffees are fair trade, and even more than fair trade! We pay a price higher than the floor price considered fair trade for exceptional beans, because that's the price that these quality coffee beans are worth, and that enables our partner producers to improve the quality of their coffee, year after year.

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