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Article: Discover Aurelio Marin: Celebrating Peruvian Coffee 🌟

Découvrez Aurelio Marin : Célébrer le café péruvien  🌟

Discover Aurelio Marin: Celebrating Peruvian Coffee 🌟

After three years of relationship with producer Aurelio Marin, we are delighted to present a new batch from Peru. In order to offer you an optimal tasting experience, whatever your favorite preparation method, this year we have two different roasts: one for espresso and one for filter.

A Unique Sensory Experience

In the cup, Aurelio Marin's coffee reveals delicate notes of apricot and dark chocolate, accompanied by a gentle sweet touch reminiscent of brown sugar. This rich and balanced flavor profile is sure to please all lovers of mild, sweet coffee like our Holycow.

A Passionate and Innovative Producer

Only 30 years old, Aurelio Marin is a fourth-generation coffee farmer, growing several varieties on his farm located in the community of Chirinos, northern Peru. His passion for coffee and commitment to quality is evident in every cup.

Supporting the Future of Coffee

Aurelio Marin is also a member of the Origin Coffee Lab program, an initiative to support and promote the quality and profitability of coffee farms in Peru. This program provides producers with in-depth training in agronomy and post-harvest practices, as well as quality assessments and direct market access. Thanks to these resources, Aurelio and other producers can continually improve their ways and offer superior quality coffees.

A Relationship of Trust and Partnership

Our collaboration with Aurelio Marin is based on mutual trust and a common goal: to offer the best possible coffees while supporting production at origin. After three years of partnership, we are proud to share with you this exceptional coffee which reflects Aurelio's dedication and know-how.

We invite you to come and discover Aurelio Marin’s café. Whether you prefer it espresso or filtered, you will be enchanted by its soft and sweet flavors. Don't miss this opportunity to discover a unique coffee, produced with passion and expertise.

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