Discover your favorite coffee with our flavor tablets!

Découvrez votre café favori grâce à nos pastilles de saveurs !

Discover your favorite coffee with our flavor tablets!

Whether you prefer a full-bodied espresso or a fruitier filter, we have a remarkable coffee for you and our flavor tablets will guide you in your choice.

As our premium coffee beans come from small producers who produce small quantities, our menu is constantly evolving and our coffees will vary according to the seasons. It is with this in mind that we created the flavor tablets.

So here is a brief description of each of our pastilles and what you can expect in cup flavor. These pastilles are found on each of our bags.

Flavor tablets

Round & Comforting

Very easy to approach coffee, with a so-called “darker” or developed roast profile.

Perfect for discovering the world of specialty coffee, while becoming aware of its characteristics; which are transparency, traceability of purchase at the source and superior grain quality.

Enjoy with or without milk. Tasting notes: chocolatey, toasted nuts, sweet.

The comforting coffee every morning.

Soft & Sweet

Easy to approach coffee just like the “round & comforting” profile but with more sweetness which is balanced by some fruit notes.

Delicious with milk but just as tasty without. Tasting notes: chocolatey, sweet, nuts, dried fruit.

To gently awaken your taste buds


Floral & delicate

Coffee with a delicate profile developing subtle notes of flowers and fruit, providing a slight acidity.

To be enjoyed without or with little milk. Tasting notes: Flowers, pome fruit, citrus. 

To add sunshine to your day

Good tasting

Fruity & Lively

Coffee showing a beautiful aromatic complexity of fruits and a lively sensation in the mouth.

Very good without or with little milk. Tasting notes: Stone fruits, berries and red fruits, citrus.

To take your first step as a caffeinated adventurer


Intense & Jammy

Explosive coffee on the nose, as on the palate, based solely on fruit and coming from natural and anaerobic processes.

Delicious without milk. Tasting notes: Exotic fruits, red fruits, marmalade, jam.

For an explosive taste experience.

Good tasting!

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