Our coffee-based cocktail recipes

Nos recettes de cocktails à base de café | Our coffee-based cocktail recipes

The days are getting longer and the mercury is finally rising; summer is coming! We thought it was a great opportunity to share some coffee-based cocktail recipes with you to celebrate the return of patio drinks with friends! We obviously used the high-end syrups of Montreal's thriving 3/4 d’once company, with whom we share a wall of our headquarters office in Villeray.



Taking off our winter coats means spritz season can finally begin! Although the classic recipe is flawless, we wanted to create a version in our image with a coffee by-product that we are particularly fond of: cascara. Cascara is spanish for husk and shell , it is the outer layer of the coffee cherry once the coffee beans have been removed. Usually an organic waste produced in large quantities during the processing of coffee or a fertilizer used on coffee farms, this product can act as a second income for the producer. Ours comes from the Helsar de Zarcero farm in Costa Rica and once brewed with boiling water and cooled, it offers a thirst-quenching result with notes of honey, apricot, orange and even tamarind. Here's how to prepare it:




  • ½ oz of syrup Spritz Maison by ¾ ounce
  • 1 ½ oz of Prosecco
  • 1 oz of Cascara
  • A dash of lemon juice
  • A slice of orange for decoration
  • Serve over ice

Cascara infusion:

Ratio 1:25 (example: 20 g for 500 g)
Infusion time: 6 minutes
Ingredients: Cascara, lime, water.

  1. Weigh the cascara
  2. Add half the volume of hot water and add lime juice (to taste).
  3. Start the timer
  4. Crush the cascara and stir well
  5. Add the remaining hot water.
  6. Filter after 6 minutes and let cool.



Fancying a creamy cappuccino but it is above 25 ° C outside? This espresso-based shaken cocktail should satisfy your craving! A barista’s favorite, our Gedeb Shabella natural Ethiopian is delicious on its own, but is a real bomb when assembled with the ¾  d’once Sour Honey Syrup! Here's how to prepare it:



Put ice cubes and all the ingredients in a shaker, finishing with the espresso and emulsifier and shake with a smile! Filter through a cocktail strainer if you have a Boston shaker straight into the glass.


  • 1 oz of Triple Sec
  • 1 double espresso Gedeb Shabella
  • 1 oz of Earl Gray concentrate
  • ¾ oz of Sour honey syrup by ¾ ounce
  • Emulsifier (egg white, aqua faba, Noroi emulsifier)
  • A dash of orange bitter from the brand of your choice.

Earl Grey concentrate:

2x teaspoon of Earl grey tea
300ml of water at 95 degrees
Infusion time: 5 minutes



For your alcohol-free month or just before joining friends at the park, this mocktail made from a homemade coffee syrup is quick to prepare and above all quick to consume! Showcasing our Nkoronko coffee, a washed bourbon from Burundi, this beverage is complex and fresh! Here is his recipe:




  • ½ oz of Tonic Maison syrup by ¾ ounce
  • 2 oz of Nkoronko homemade coffee syrup
  • Sparkling water
  • Maraschino cranberry with Avril amaretto (or maraschino cherries)
  • Serve over ice

Nkoronko homemade coffee syrup:

Ingredients: Coffee, water, white sugar.

  1. Make a cup of filter coffee as usual, in a ratio of 1:16 (example: 20 g for 300g)
  2. Pour the coffee into a saucepan over medium heat.
  3. Add half of the total volume of sugar (example: 150 g for 300 g)
  4. Mix well and remove from heat when the sugar is completely dissolved.
  5. Let cool. It can be kept for 5 days, and can be used in several recipes (in a marinade on the grill for example)!